…..’Horrors’ is ace (I use that word, we’re all good there) and notwithstanding anything I said previously, it is actually one of the more innovative and interesting rock and metal records you will hear.” www.maximumvolumemusic.com

”It’s nice sometimes to go back to the basics, to remind yourself of what it is you like about rock music. Sweden’s MoLD hit that sweet spot nicely in ’Horrors’.”   www.theindependentvoice.org

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“...this band deliver with a scorching, breakneck bravado that bodes well for future albums.” XXXXXXX    

”MOLD have created a real monster of an album that screams with attitude and conviction, sitting partly in Stoner and partly in old-school Metal territory.”
Fireworks Magazine UK

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”This is a great debut album with plenty of great songs on it – ’Locomotive’, ’Horsemen riding’ and ’Roadkill’ being a few of the songs I enjoyed most. A great album that’s well worth a listen.” ****Rating. planetmosh.com

“....they’re just as nasty as they need to be, building on something good for the future. Get in at the beginning, they are going to be quite large.” 8 Powerpoints